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Hupdates Bebeh // Sunday, October 23, 2011

Assalamu'alaikum und gutten nacht uolz...

I dont update this site for a long long and long time T^T yeah i know. Im too busy to change and make over my new tempelate and exploring blogskins. I think, blogskins is more interessant than Facebook or Twitter. Erm, i know you have a different opinion with me. I know too that you sure prefer to Tumblr or Blogger. Hahaha, me too, but i dont like the Tumblr because idk how to use it x_x lol.

Jokesjokes, i made this skin for 20 minutes only by following sis Nazihah's tutorial :3 she is awesum babe♥ i like her blog, her story, her cutie face and her tutorials. I have a dreams i can be Famous Blogger like her.

Anyway, i dont put the navigations at this skin because i've no time. 5 minutes later i will go to bed and prepare myself to follow "Lomba Olimpiade Biology" and "Debat Bahasa Inggris" tomorrow, Monday/24 Oct 2011. I still prepare, not "lomba".

Maybe the olimpiade will be hold on January 2012. Wish me luck ok? this entry originally made by me :) sorry if my English is broken and too bad. I prefer to speaking, not writting, and i dont use google translate for this entry. Believe or not, idc -..-

Okbaii i will sleeping♥

Aufwiedersehen, tchuss...