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Tutorial: Billy Music Player // Thursday, March 22, 2012

Now I'll make a tutorial how to generate Billy Music Player (Tumblr-ish music player) you can follow these steps :) enjoy!

PART I: Upload Your Song/Music.
1. You MUST have an account on dropbox. If you don't have yet, you can sign up :) this is where you can pload your favorite song :)
2. Click the upload button on the top right section on your screen.

3. Click “Choose Files”, find the song file you want to upload, then click “Open”
4. Once the upload finishes, move your song file to the “Public” folder.
5. Inside the “Public” folder, right-click your song file and choose “Copy Public Link”

6. You are done on part I.

PART II: Create Billy Music Player.
1. Once you copied the link from part 1, go to Billy Music Player Site
2. Delete the address where it says “Track 1″and replace it with the link you copied from Dropbox.

3. Paste Song Link
4. If you want to add more song links, you can add them where it says “Track 2, 3, etc.”
5. Remove the check mark on Autoplay to not annoy your visitors.
6. Click Generate Code.
7. Copy the code and paste it to where you want your Billy Music Player to appear. For example, your blog sidebar.
8. Save your blogger settings and you’re done!